Receiving NAB merit certificate for extraditing Tauqir Sadiq (OGRA Chairman) from the UAE

ISLAMABAD: Prosecutor General of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in recognition of the NAB team’s exemplary dedication to duty has recommended that the officers be awarded NAB shield for bringing the main accused of multi-billion scam of Ogra, Tauqeer Sadiq, back to Pakistan.

Tauqeer Sadiq, the former chairman Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra), who was involved in Rs80.56 billion corruption scam, was brought back to Pakistan from UAE on July 9, 2013. Tauqeer Sadiq was declared a proclaimed offender by the Rawalpindi Accountability Court in March 2013 and was later on convicted under Section 31-A of NAO, 1999.

Tauqeer Sadiq had fled the country and took refuge in the UAE in order to evade trial for corruption. In order to bringing the accused back to Pakistan NAB had constituted a special team comprising Shumayl Aziz, senior Prosecutor and Waqas Khan, Investigating Officer, with the mandate to extradite the accused in the shortest possible time from the UAE. The team was ably assisted in the UAE by the Pakistani Mission.

The extradition case of Tauqeer Sadiq was adjudged by the Federal Appellate Court, UAE. The court ordered the extradition of the accused on June 3, 2013. As per the UAE laws Tauqeer Sadiq had one month to file an appeal against the said order but he waived that right and as such he was extradited in order to face trial for corruption in Pakistan.